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Purchasing a home, working hard and fast on some marketable renovations, and then re-selling the property can add up to some tidy profits if done quickly and correctly. If you're interested but don't have the funds to purchase a property outright in cash, read on for what you need to know when financing a flip!

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To Buy or To Sell – Which Should You Do FIRST When Moving Up, Down, or Sideways To Your Next Home?

Homeowners who are selling a property at the same time as buying, are often the least serviced customers in the mortgage industry. If you are both buying and selling your home, you are now managing TWO transactions instead of one and should contact a Mortgage Broker to have a thorough discussion of your mortgage plan and goals.

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What is Your Home Really Worth??

Understanding Why The City’s Assessment, A Realtor’s Market Evaluation, & An Appraiser’s Value May Be Different.   You receive a City Tax Assessment in the mail in January of each year. Then, when considering the sale or refinance of your home, a Realtor tells you what they believe your home should be priced. If refinancing,… Continue reading What is Your Home Really Worth??